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  • Department of engineering and technology

    Mr Pablo Eguia Lopez (Higher Technical School of Engineering, Bilbao – Electrical engineering)

    Application of FACTS (Flexible AC Transmissions Systems) devices for transmission and distribution grids.

  • Department of social sciences and humanities

    Mr Fernando Bazeta Gobantes (Faculty of letters – Painting)

    Creation and application of a global intervention system in the Oppidum of Arrola (Arratzu). Contracting entity: Regional Government of Bizkaia.

  • Department of sciences

    Mrs Concepción de la Rúa Vaca (Faculty of Science and Technology - Genetics, physical and physiological anthropology)

    Review of the anthropological material recovered in Santa Maria Cathedral (Vitoria-Gasteiz) (13th-18th Century) – 2009 project. Contracting entity: Basque Government

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