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Web applications that predict performance of runners


With the project name “Lactatus”, the Control and Systems Integration Research Group (GCIS) from the Advanced School of Engineering of Bilbao and the Physiology Department of the...

Asmoz seeks Cultural and Creative Industries teachers


In 2002, the combined efforts of the Eusko Ikaskuntza initiative and several UPV/EHU professors led to the creation of the Asmoz Foundation, which aims to design and develop training...

Smarter defibrillators


In Europe alone, around 190,000 people suffer cardiac arrests every year and most of these occur outside a hospital.The chances of surviving are slim and depend on how quickly the resuscitation...

Expert reports: transfer of knowledge to the legal field


Norberto López de Lacalle is a Professor from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the UPV/EHU and has over 20 years of experience writing expert reports for industrial-related cases.

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