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Asmoz seeks Cultural and Creative Industries teachers


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In 2002, the combined efforts of the Eusko Ikaskuntza initiative and several UPV/EHU professors led to the creation of the Asmoz Foundation, which aims to design and develop training programs for active professionals. Its origins are closely linked to training in the legal field, but today its courses focus on the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI), a broad concept that includes fields such as music, cultural heritage, language, visual arts, crafts, publishing and print media, audiovisual creation, video games, digital content, design, architecture, fashion, advertising and even haute cuisine. Asmoz is currently looking for university teachers capable of designing engaging training programs in any of these areas.

Asmoz usually offers six-week, 30-hour online courses on a specific aspect of the aforementioned topics. Some examples can be found on the Asmoz website: “Writing and presenting European culture projects”, “Inbound Marketing: How to attract customers” and “Guidelines for managing electronic records”. A teacher acts as a virtual instructor of a group that typically includes 12 to 15 students, which makes training compatible with the teacher’s regular job. The training is delivered through Asmoz’s virtual platform; the teaching staff designs and imparts the teaching materials while Asmoz takes care of finding and managing the students.

The same course is never taught more than twice a year. Classes are taught during the times the professionals prefer (usually October-December, February-April and May-June). The Asmoz Foundation negotiates the exact number of weeks that best suits the teacher so that the activity is 100% compatible with your teaching and research tasks at the university.

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Asmoz compensates the teacher with a fixed amount for each course taught plus a varying amount for each student that exceeds a certain limit. Like with any other knowledge transfer activity, compensation can be included in the paycheck through the Euskoiker Foundation.

There are two ways to choose the course topics. In some cases, the Asmoz Foundation itself produces a list of topics of interest and disseminates them among the professors interested in collaborating. But in other cases, it is the teacher who proposes a course on a specific theme of the teacher’s interest and the course is taught if the foundation deems the topic suitable for active professionals.

To that end, the Asmoz Foundation is interested in receiving requests from teachers interested in collaboration as well as proposals for specific courses in the field of Cultural and Creative Industries. If you want more information about the courses and the economic conditions, please contact the Euskoiker Foundation at and include the following information in the body of the email: name, e-mail, mobile phone and the specific field of Cultural and Creative Industries in which you could give courses. You can also propose specific courses that you want to teach. We look forward to hearing from you.

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