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Our Experience

Throughout its history, Euskoiker has been the intermediary in all sorts of interactions between university researchers and companies. Currently, the most common projects are:

  • Projects and research work: all types of research work, from state of the art studies to the development and application of industrial solutions.
  • Negotiated procedures and tenders: the research teams can present public bids to tender for the Public Administration.
  • Courses and training: the companies and institutions may request training adapted to their own needs.
  • Congresses, events…: administrative support in the organisation of same. As examples we can highlight: HYCELTEC, BMSB, SAAEI, ETFA, URSI, MOTO AND FÓRMULA STUDENT,…

Fields of Expertise

The researchers from the UPV/EHU provide knowledge and research methodologies in different fields of expertise:

  • Exact and natural sciences: genetics, the environment, meteorology, hydrology…
  • Engineering and technology: information and communications technology, manufacturing technologies, energy, environmental technology…
  • Health sciences: microbiological analysis, sports medicine…
  • Social sciences: social studies and discussions…
  • Humanity: archaeological discussions, artistic and cultural heritage…

If the project so requires, interdisciplinary research teams can be created which combine researchers from different fields of expertise.

Companies and Institutions that have used the services of Euskoiker

We manage projects for all kinds of companies and public entities. Among the former we can cite, Autonomous Governments, Regional Governments, Chambers of Commerce, Local Councils and other Universities.

Within the private sector projects are handled for companies that carry out a range of business activities: technology centres, energy companies, engineering companies, consultation foundations, telecommunications companies, environmental management companies, artistic and cultural heritage companies, biotechnology companies, law offices, transport companies, etc.

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