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Management of Administrative Procedures

Depending on the type of work to be undertaken (if it is with a private company or public entity and, most of all, the amount established in the budget) the projects are undertaken by means of an offer (in the case of amounts less than €9,000 plus VAT) or by means of a contract (in the case of amounts greater than €9,000 plus VAT). The procedures and documentation to be completed are very similar in both cases.

We also help research teams that want to present any kind of Public Administration bid. For example, we help to arrange and offer information regarding INTEK, ETORTEK, GAITEK, SAIOTEK, CENIT tenders, among others.

Once the Project is up and running, Euskoiker takes care of the administrative documentation resulting from the projects. Although the Federation is responsible for these undertakings, some procedures require the intervention of third parties: getting the signatures of individuals in charge, etc. In these cases we prepare all the documentation and make sure it reaches the right people, so as to speed up the procedure as much as possible.

Download a dossier with detailed information about proceedings (PDF, 155 Kb)

Common documentation

The following table shows the most common documentation, together with a brief description as well as the tasks to be undertaken by Euskoiker (click on each document to see further details):


Type of Bid

Contract Type


Budget Breakdown

Lease or Provision of Services Agreements

Educational Cooperation Agreements

Work Contracts

Teachers sheet

Payment Form

Payment letter

Payment sheet for travel and other expenses

If you should have any queries regarding these procedures, you can contact us using the consultation form on documentation.

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