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Teacher and researcher at the Faculty of Education of Leioa (UPV-EHU), DOE (Didactics and School Organization). Graduating in Teaching (Univ. Camilo José Cela) and Law degree (University of Deusto). PhD in Education. V Prize for publications of research work on equality of women and men. Book: Pikaza, M. (2018): Espacios propios para las mujeres y procesos de empoderamiento: La Red de Escuelas de Empoderamiento de Bizkaia. Emakunde: Vitoria-Gasteiz. University Master in teacher training for Secondary Education, Bachelor, FP, and Language Teaching (University of Deusto, 2010). University Specialist in Human Rights in a Global World (EHU-UPV, 2008). Diploma of specialization in Equality of Women and Men: Training of Equality Agents (UNED, 2015). Undergraduate Certificate in International Personal and Professional Development Project (Ulster University, 2013).

Several scholarships of collaboration with Deusto University. Several publications on Education ant the social sphere (conferences, posters, congresses, chapters of books, articles). Stays abroad: Abu Dhabi. Research stay of 6 months. UAEU (2013). European Mobility Project. Edinburgh. NGO Peace & Justice (2008). Basque, EGA and English, Advanced, C1.